About  Jeff

 Jeff is a self taught artist that started exploring the arts in his own unique way at an early age. In school he was kicked out of traditional art classes for creating what spoke to him, not necessarily the actual assignment. Instead of discouraging him, it has spurred his creativity and let him explore art independently without restraint and guidance- the result is a unique perspective of the arts without boundaries. He enjoys trying different mediums and incorporating different themes-political, social and ecological into his creations. His favorite materials to work with are found objects...or simply put 'JUNK', these are things that we as a society have deemed useless-Jeff sees this as the perfect challenge-create something of value where a value-less item one was. He creates his work in his home studio and does take commission requests. Thank you for stopping by to see what has been 'tossed' and 'found' and recreated in a whole new light.

Jeff Asper            717-571-4491              info@tossedandfoundart.com